EMP – The Unthinkable

EMP – The Unthinkable

It’s unthinkable. Imagine life in the dark ages, also called the Middle Ages. You have seen a few movies from this time no doubt. Conditions are rather basic, even primitive. Candles provide light at night and food is less than gourmet. Clothing is heavy, itchy, difficult to clean, and ill fitting.

Bedding is not soft or cozy. You have to work, even toil, hard on the land. Everything is done by hand or is base level mechanical using the wooden wheel. It is the opposite of modern life as we know it today and it could happen.

We have had a foretaste of major catastrophe in places like Haiti. We know the meaning of urban blackout. It is usually the result of Mother Nature wreaking havoc.

An EMP threat is worse. It is man-made and vicious. It is a strike meant to inflict major harm. There is nothing quite like it in terms of intimidation and fear.

Gamma rays are the culprit, arising from a nuclear explosion. At certain altitudes, they engender high-energy electrons from which comes an electric oscillating current. This is what destroys electronic equipment.

Short and simple, these rays shock our electronic systems and devices to death. The damage accelerates in a cascading manner. Our “infrastructure” is composed of basic systems that service modern society.

It is like a grid in which surges can be destructive. Think of airport traffic control and 911 emergency procedures gone awry. And this is only the beginning. Electrical fires can proliferate without responders’ knowledge or ability to take corrective action.

It is a complicated set of circumstances, but know that altitude is the predominant factor. The height does work against the production of dangerous fallout and radiation, and that is the only good part.

There are considerations of yield as well. It all adds up to the degree of damage caused. There are primary and secondary effects since the forces can travel through electric lines and even waterways. It is called a “spill-over” effect that ricochets through the infrastructure.

How vulnerable we are is within the purview of our government and military. We know who has nuclear capability and ballistic missiles. We no doubt have a repair and recovery program, at least to the extent it is possible.

But it is beyond the basics. In addition to energy, we also have vulnerability to our banking and finance systems as well as our food resources. Thus systems as well as our food resources. Thus gas and oil, emergency services, and public transportation are severely impacted. You don’t know how much you are dependent until it is gone!

Imagine airplanes falling from the sky and you know the true nature of a nightmare catastrophe that can kill millions at the very start. It is more than the failure of our electrical networks. Over time food will go bad, medical services will be impossible on any scale, and buses would cease to run.

Some countries are more dependent than others on these factors, but we all are to a great extent. In the US alone, one hundred and thirty million cars would be disabled and ninety million trucks! Stop lights and train crossing signals would go down. It is a nightmare beyond the imagination of the creators of the worst disaster movie. It is not just about losing one’s cellular phone!

More critical than anything in all this hubbub is the food supply. It depends on moving goods from farms to cities, and there would be no such mobile system available.

Furthermore, the production of crops depends on tractors and other vehicles such as combines. They would be as vulnerable as trucks that tote the produce. You couldn’t even store food without refrigeration which would not exist. Spoilage would be rapid and a continuing problem. Any time it takes to come up with a solution is too much.

Warning: It is time to take action. A plan instituted by local and national authorities is imperative in the event of an EMP threat. This is the first leg of your survival to count on your government.

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