Software: an easy installation

To install your software, simply follow the instructions on the screen.
You will need:
• choose a destination folder for the software (a default folder is often proposed),
• check that you have enough space on your computer to install the software,
• accept the license to use,
• choose the language of the software (if it has not been done previously) and other options offered,
• wait until all the installation steps are done,
• restart the computer.

When installing a software, a desktop shortcut is often proposed, you can choose to keep it or not.
To start the software, you can use the desktop shortcut, or find it directly in the program list:
Start Menu – Program – Software Name

Remove software
If you no longer use software, software that does not match what you expected, or have gone beyond the trial period of software you do not want to buy, it’s best to remove it.
To remove software, you must go through the “Add / Remove Programs” function of your operating system:
The name of this function may vary from one operating system to another.

Example: under Vista, it is named “programs and features”
In any case, you will have access to it by the following path: start menu / control panel,
To uninstall a software, simply select it from the list of programs and click on “Uninstall”:
A confirmation message appears, you will have to click on “continue”,

Depending on the software, the uninstallation windows may vary, so each time you click on “next” or “continue”,
Once the software has been uninstalled a message will be displayed.

If you do not do this and you just delete the software in its folder, it will not be deleted correctly and forcibly, the operating system can be slowed down.

Different categories of software
In order to navigate the multitude of existing software packages, the software is grouped into categories related to their use.

Everyone can easily find a software according to the category in which it is located:
Antivirus: Gathers all the software related to the defense of the computer. Antivirus can therefore also include anti-spam, spyware …

Internet browser: a browser allows access to the Internet. There are different internet browsers grouped in this category.

E-mail: To send and receive e-mails, one needs an e-mail software, which can be installed on one’s computer as well as directly accessible on Internet.

Instant Messaging: Even though Windows Live Messenger is the most popular messaging software, there are many other Internet messaging solutions, with different functionalities from one to the other.

Voice over IP: the essential Skype software makes it possible to call at the other end of the world thanks to voice over IP. But other software has also developed this technique.

Office automation: whatever the use you have of your computer, you always need to have an office software, if only for the needs of everyday life.

Audio / video playback: With more and more powerful computers and ever more fluid Internet networks, audio / video playback is very common. Discover audio / video playback software.

Photo: photo viewing or photo editing, the software offers you huge possibilities, adapted to the needs of all.
Drawing / graphics: drawing and graphics are not only limited to paper and pencils, they are also increasingly produced on computer thanks to powerful and varied software.

Mixing / Editing: Want to create your own mixes or video editing? The mixing and editing software offers exceptional possibilities for mixing and editing, whether for individuals or professionals.
Accounting / Management: For a company or for personal accounts, management accounting software makes it easy to manage and account.

Games: just as powerful and realistic as on a console, computer games are aimed at a very wide audience, with varied games adapted to everyone’s expectations.

Torrent: The torrent allows the exchange of files between different users and computers. Depending on the utility you have, there are many software torrent.


Hunting on the approach is a mode of hunting that was practiced solely for purposes of regulation or observation.

Today, this atypical hunting called “silent hunting” becomes a perfect complement to the beat. It is less stressful for animals and wildlife hunting places.

This hunt being different from the hunt, it obeys other rules.


When hunting on the approach you can use a hunting rifle, that is to say a rifled weapon, equipped with a perfectly adjusted telescope that we advise you to adjust at the beginning of season.
Adapt the caliber of this weapon to the hunted species, generally minimum 6mm for deer and 7mm for deer and wild boar.

You can also provide a hunting bow, whether traditional or pulley, we advise you to adjust certain parts depending on the morphology of the hunter: elongation, power etc. Besides, the best climbing tree stand is a necessary item.


EMP – The Unthinkable

It’s unthinkable. Imagine life in the dark ages, also called the Middle Ages. You have seen a few movies from this time no doubt. Conditions are rather basic, even primitive. Candles provide light at night and food is less than gourmet. Clothing is heavy, itchy, difficult to clean, and ill fitting.

Bedding is not soft or cozy. You have to work, even toil, hard on the land. Everything is done by hand or is base level mechanical using the wooden wheel. It is the opposite of modern life as we know it today and it could happen.

We have had a foretaste of major catastrophe in places like Haiti. We know the meaning of urban blackout. It is usually the result of Mother Nature wreaking havoc.

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